National Renewable Solutions


  • Electrical District No. 3 of Pinal County, Arizona Joins WSPP:

    Effective March 21, 2024 Electrical District No. 3 of Pinal County, Arizona (ED3) became a new WSPP Member.   ED3 was formed in 1926 and is a political subdivision of the State of Arizona.  ED3 is a not-for-profit, public power distribution utility and is typically a purchaser of wholesale power.  ED3 is also a member of the Southwest Public Power Agency (SPPA) and participates in certain SPPA sales and purchases through that entity. 

  • Nova Clean Energy Signs Up As New Associate Member:

    Nova Clean Energy LLC (NCE), headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, has completed the process to become a WSPP Associate Member, effective March 14, 2024.  The U.S. development platform of Bluestar Energy Capital, NEC is a renewable energy company focused on developing and constructing large-scale wind, solar, and storage projects across the United States.  NEC is primarily involved in pursuing a greenfield project development strategy in addition to opportunistic M&A across wind, solar and storage with a strong presence in the MISO, ERCOT, and WECC regions.

  • Bilton Wong Power, Inc. is added to the WSPP Associate Member roster:

    Effective March 4, 2024 Bilton Wong Power, Inc. (BWP) became a new WSPP Associate Member company.  BWP  is a financial energy trading company based in Calgary Canada.  Trading solely in financial power and Exchange or ISO cleared products, BWP operates in MidC, AESO, SPP, CAISO and NYISO.

  • WSPP Welcomes New Member, The Regents of the University of California:

    Effective March 1, 2024, The Regents of the University of California (UC) became a regular WSPP Member, qualifying under the Retail Entity category.  UC is a registered Electric Service Provider and through its Clean Power Program, which is managed within the Energy & Sustainability Department of UC's Office of the President, serves over 700 affiliated electric service accounts at eight campuses and four health center locations spread across all three major IOU service territories in California.  UC plans to build important trading relationships with WSPP Members to increase its transactional flexibility and efficiency. 

  • Sunrise Power Company, LLC becomes WSPP Member:

    Sunrise Power Company, LLC (Sunrise) has been added to the WSPP Member roster, effective February 23, 2024.  A subsidiary of Milepost Power Holdings, Sunrise sells the output of its 586MW natural gas-fired plant located in Fellows, California into the Western Interconnection. 

  • WSPP Approves Membership for Gunvor USA LLC:

    Effective February 22, 2024 Gunvor USA LLC (Gunvor) has become a WSPP Member company.  Gunvor is a wholly-owned indirect subsidiary of Gunvor Group Ltd, one of the worlds largest independent commodities trading houses by turnover.  Gunvor Group's main trading offices are in Geneva, Singapore, Houston, Calgary and London.  They are actively building out their power trading capabilities in North America. 

  • Maxar Technologies, Inc. joins WSPP as an Associate Member:

    On February 12, 2024 Maxar Technologies, Inc. (Maxar) became a WSPP Associate Member.  Maxar is an Earth intelligence company that provides high resolution imagery for both the commercial and government sectors.  The WeatherDesk team at Maxar provides products to commodity traders and analysts as well as utilities and RTOs/ISOs.  Day ahead and real-time power traders also utilize Maxar weather data for various job related decision making.

  • Gonzaga Ridge Wind Farm, LLC signs on to become a WSPP Member:

    Effective February 9, 2024 Gonzaga Ridge Wind Farm, LLC (Gonzaga) met the qualifications to become a WSPP Member company.  Gonzaga is a 147 MW wind and a 50 MW-4 hour battery storage project interconnected to the CAISO grid and located in Merced County, California.   Gonzaga is interested in using the WSPP Agreement to sell Energy and Resource Adequacy. 

  • WSPP Adds Nightpeak Energy as new Associate Member:

    WSPP has added Nightpeak Energy (Nightpeak) as a new Associate Member, effective January 29, 2024.  Focused on the ERCOT and WECC regions, Nightpeak develops, owns and operates energy projects to meet the growing capacity needs of a decarbonized grid.  Nightpeak was formed in May, 2022 and is supported by equity funding from Energy Spectrum Capital.  Nightpeak recently acquired a 90 MW combined cycle power plant near Las Vegas, Nevada and intends to acquire, operate and redevelop existing operating generation resources throughout WECC.

  • OnPeak Power joins WSPP as Associate Member:

    Effective January 29, 2024 OnPeak Power has joined WSPP as an Associate Member.  OnPeak Power is a privately held renewable energy company specializing in energy project development and asset optimization.  OnPeak Power is actively developing over 2 GW of energy projects in 12 states located in the ERCOT, SPP, MISO and WECC regions.

  • Triolith Energy Fund, LP becomes WSPP Member:

    Triolith Energy Fund, LP (Triolith) has signed on to be a WSPP Member, effective January 29, 2024.  Triolith is an active trading participant in the CAISO, ERCOT, SPP, NYISO, MISO and ISONE power and/or carbon markets.  Triolith utilizes Cascade Trading Ltd. to provide services on behalf of Triolith in the aforementioned markets, as well as manage the day-to-day operations and the business' books and records.