How to Join - Associate Member

An entity that is not qualified to become a WSPP member (that is, an entity that is not an Electric Utility, Retail Entity, Qualifying Facility or Demand Response Entity (as defined in the WSPP Agreement), is eligible to be an Associate Member of the WSPP. The Associate Member classification is ideal for entities working closely with bulk electric industry participants. Associate Members pay annual membership dues of $3,000 and are eligible for the following benefits: 

  • Attendance for two representatives to each WSPP Operating Committee (OC) meeting at WSPP Member rates. 
  • Designated vendor marketing space at each WSPP OC meeting. 
  • Access to WSPP "Member only" portions of the WSPP website, including member contact data. 
  • Inclusion on WSPP meeting and general correspondence mailing lists. 

Voting rights and representation on WSPP committees are not included in Associate Memberships and Associate Members are not permitted use of the WSPP Agreement.  The governing terms for Associate Members are provided in the WSPP Conditions of Associate Membership ("Conditions").  Applying for Associate Membership affirms your agreement to remain in full compliance with the Conditions during the term of your Associate Membership. 

To be considered for an Associate Membership, please submit the following form:

*Company Name:
*Company Address:
*Company Website:

*Please provide a short description of the service(s) the entity provides to participants in the bulk electric industry:
*Required Information

Following review, WSPP will advise the applying entity on the approval of its request and provide follow-up instructions. Successful completion will include paying current year membership dues and providing company representative contact information for WSPP Primary and Secondary contacts.