How to Join - Regular Member

Thinking of becoming a member of WSPP?  Any Electric Utility, Retail Entity, Qualifying Facility or Demand Response Entity (as defined below) may become a WSPP Member.

  • Demand Response Entity: An entity or lawful association which is not an Electric Utility, Qualifying Facility, or Retail Entity,which sells or otherwise provides Demand Response through wholesale transactions.

  • Electric Utility: An entity or lawful association which (i) is a public utility, Independent Power Producer, or Power Marketer regulated under applicable state law or the Federal Power Act, or (ii) is exempted from such regulation under the Federal Power Act because it is the United States, a State or any political subdivision thereof or an agency of any of the foregoing, or a Rural Utilities Service cooperative, or (iii) is a public utility, Independent Power Producer, or Power Marketer located in Canada or Mexico that is similarly regulated.

  • Qualifying Facility: A facility which is a qualifying small power production facility or a qualifying cogeneration facility as these terms are defined in Federal Power Act Sections 3(17)(A), 3(17)(C), 3(18)(A), and 3(18)(B); which meets the requirements set forth in 18 C.F.R.§§292.203- 292.209; or a facility in Canada or Mexico that complies with similar requirements.

  • Retail Entity: A retail aggregator or supplier or retail customer; provided, however, only those Retail Entities eligible for transmission service under the FERC’s pro forma open access transmission tariff are eligible to become members of the WSPP.

Qualifying entities wishing to apply for membership shall complete the form below:

*Company Name:
*Company Address:
*Company Website:

*My Company qualifies for WSPP membership under the following definition:
Demand Response Entity
Electric Utility
Qualifying Facility
Retail Entity

*As a WSPP member, transactions entered into by the applicant under the WSPP Agreement will use the following company name:

My company's Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) docket number in which market-based rate (MBR) authority was granted (or applied for), if applicable:

*Please provide a short description of the applicant’s company as it relates to the sale/purchase of electric wholesale power:
*Required Information

Following review, WSPP will advise the applying entity on the approval of its request (within 60 days, typically less) and provide follow-up instructions. Successful completion includes signing the WSPP Agreement, paying a one-time $25,000 membership fee (which goes to fund ongoing operations of the WSPP), and providing company representative contact information for WSPP Executive and Operating Committees.